Welcome to Dave and Laura’s Dream

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We are Metro Detroit, Michigan honeymooners, closing in on 50years old and we have a passion for travel and a desire to retire early.   We started over in the prime of our lives with a new marriage & merging our two families into one with five teenagers.  We truly love raising our family, but we know they are growing older and are already doing their own things and we need to start thinking about our next phase. So we are starting to dream of a near future with all our kids grown & off to college or working and us in an early retirement where we get to forget all about the responsibility we have from the years of raising our children while working long hard hours.

We have a plan for January 1st, 2021 retirement, we will be 52years old, we have the commitment and we have the dream.

Follow us as we work toward the goal of an early retirement date and whatever adventures we experience along the way.



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