David and I had a date night at Greektown, Detroit, MI  about 2 months ago, and I joined the Casino Club.  In return for me loosing my $20.00 standard gambling bet, the hotel mailed us a two night stay coupon for $49.00 each nite, a buy one get one free pizza coupon, and $10 in comp gambling money.  We jumped on it, took our twins with us for two days of relaxation and Pokemon hunting through out the GM Renaissance Center – which has some of the best Pokemon hunting in Michigan.  We caught so much we ran out of Poke balls, and phone charges.

We took the people mover everywhere, recollected balls and had a quick drink and snack at the Coach Insigna – which apparently is closing at the end of January 2017, and it was full packed only 25minutes after opening, so just bar area seating was open, and only for about 5minutes after we arrived.

We are exhausted and resting up after a sleepless nite where the neighbors were kicked out for a loud party until 1am.  Police banging on their door for about 30minutes until they finally answered and were escorted out.

We still had a great family time.

People Mover stop
Dinner at Coach Insigna
A view from Coach Insigna 72floors high

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