Everyone has to make choices.  We want to go to India for a close friend’s Wedding, but it is last minute and there are so many choices.  Before we can book this trip, we have to figure out shots, plans and most important – budget.

This year we went to Raykjavik Iceland, have Cancun booked for the twins senior break, and Disney booked with the kids (almost free with Delta free Air coupons from our last vacation extended layover)  condo is a timeshare, we want to do Peru in August, but now this question of India.  We also have a graduation for the twins, kitchen redo (getting house in shape to sell in 6 years and figured might as well enjoy the redo), a mini deck to build on the house, basement water damage repairs.  All that plus the plan to pay off the house and super retirement savings.

We have no other debt, other than mortgage on the house and 3 of the 4 rental houses.  We have to make choices.  Can we do it all.  Time to go over plans and make hard decisions on what goes and stays.  Time to re-visit if we are still on track, and talk with the financial planner.

Everyone wants it all, especially David, but to keep to the plan, we have to choose.  Eat in more is a start, even though, we only eat one one time/week and have pizza fridays.  All else are packed lunches, meals in house.

Decision to come.

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