No India for now

Well an update to our budget and dream.  No India for now, we just cannot swing it for the short time constraint, the budget, we would have to leave the kids on their own for 10 days, and we would have to get shots.  We would be leaving next week, and while I would LOVE to go, we have to be realistic, it is not our time.  We want this, I would love to go to a 4 day Wedding in India to celebrate this wonderful time in our friends life, it feels like we are missing a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I am deeply saddened by this choice, but I am also realistic.

We have cooked meals at home, driven a used cars, garage sale shopped for everything, worked ourselves really hard for very long, we have both been through a tough divorces that hurt us financially, but also freed us up to get to this point and we are so close, so making the right choices is just as important as it has always been.  Kids and family first have always been our choices.  When I re-read this last paragraph, I realize this is the smart choice, even though our hearts wants to go, our heads say – hold the course.

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