Well since we are not going to India, and since fellow blogger frankhubeny was kind enough to remind me, other dreams will come true.   I thought I would focus on the future dreams of travel rather than the things I cannot do.

So, I compiled a list (that I will update every year) of Dave and my Bucket List Travel sites:

Japan – during the spring.  I imagine plum flowers blooming and Golden week festivals to attend.  I would love to both see the major cities, but also the country sides.  No where near Fukushima (nuclear melt down site) of course.  I want to sink into the culture, just absorb everything, so probably stay in both a hotel, then extend the trip by renting a local apartment and figuring it out ourselves.

Russia – I have a boss who raised a Russian exchange student while she studied here for years, she even came back to study for her law degree.  He goes every so many years to visit her, and we talked about me tagging along next time.   Her father is a way up government official, so I bet we would get the best tours and experience.  I have always been drawn to Russia, and I am not sure why – but I hope visiting will be as fulfilling as I dream it to be. I would like to visit Moscow, and take a trip on the Trans Siberian railway.  There appears to be over a dozen stops and I would have to research which I would stop at, but the railway connect Russia to Mongolia and China.  So I guess my next trip would have to be to China.

China – David has already gone to Hong Kong and China.  But we both want to go.  Great wall is at the top of our list.  The terra cotta warriors for sure, and my sister is law is from China – I would stop and visit her family in the country side.  I wish I could tell you where she grew up, but I cannot, her English is not the best and I cannot speak Chinese, but I am going to have my brother write it down and look it up myself.  I would love to go with her, meet her their with my newborn baby nephew – Winston.  We would have the best time and again see the best local sites.

Hong Kong – During Chinese New Year.

Spain – Watch, not participate, in running with the Bulls.

Mexico – Day of the Dead Celebration.

Germany – David wants to go to Oktoberfest in Munich, a  16 day  festival of beer and fun.

India – An Indian Wedding (the trip we recently had to miss).  But also the Taj Mahal, and eating as much Indian food we could shovel in.  I am guessing at least 15days on this trip.

Peru – Before they close Machu Pichu.  WE are hoping to make this trip later this year, August 2017 is the goal.

Bora Bora – When I was married the first time, and was a stay at home mom, I used to dream about running away to sleep.  Yep sleep all day, all nite – obviously I was seriously sleep deprived.  I dream of a thatch covered cabin over the water and a perfect breeze blowing in over my bed.   If I did make it to Bora Bora, I would not sleep the entire trip away, but would love to go.

Egpyt – Pyramids of course, and local everything.

That is the current list, but honestly we want to go everywhere and do everything.  Try unusual foods, live like a local, rent a local apartment, walk the streets, take the buses, life the local life.  Stay for months not days.  Not expensive living, just like at home, cook and eat, ride bikes.

David and I know this much, If we don’t plan, we will not accomplish the goal.  So back to budgets, and cooking and saving and readjusting to make it happen.   I emailed our retirement planner, lets see what we can do to save more…











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