We met with the Financial Planner

We have a standing 6 month appointment with our Financial Planner, he is from Edward Jones.  He came recommended from our friends and has done an excellent job.   He said for the second time, we can do it.   We can retire at 52 years old.  The financial planner at my work – Ascension Health, also says we can retire at 52 years old.  We plan on asking my husbands cousin, who is also a financial planner, for a hopeful trifecta of “Yes” you can do it.  I guess I need a lot of independent opinions, probably because I have worked so hard to make this happen, but was truly never convinced until recently it could be true.

So all those years of us driving used cars, coupons, buying sales, holding off on things I wanted until I could buy it for less, making at home dinners -even when I REALLY didn’t want to, buying household items at garage sales – I could name only a few items in my house that are not used.  We saved pennies – like Dave Ramsey says, every penny we have had a purpose.  We set aside money from every paycheck for college for the kids, retirement max, emergency fund.  We left just enough for a date nite and an occasional movie.  Now that does not mean our previous spouses did the same, I will save that topic for another post.  I never minded being frugal, because I know it was leading to something – I had a hopeful goal.  My husband also had a goal, we just had to meet so we could make the goal happen, because without a partner – this would not have been our individual goals.

I have said for years, I will get three puppies and travel at 60.   My husband said he was probably going to work until the kids were grown then work some more and retire with some one special hopefully.  But together, we have a new purpose, we want to enjoy what we can while we can, see the sites before we are too sick or tired.  We want to enjoy each other together, since we were not enjoying so much for so long when we were apart.

So, all those years of “cheap” living, all those years of arguing with my ex-husband to save money, I finally feel like all those dreams could come true.

I’ll post after our next consult, but until then, I will keep to my budget and wait the 3.5years to see if our retirement can be true.

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