Blended Families

My husband has one son and he lives with us full time, I have my twin daughters who are graduating this year…. in two days.  We have our kids living with us full time and my oldest son is living on his own.   We try and have a Dad and son nite and Mom and kids nite once a week.  I helps us to let them know, how important they are to us, and we use those words, you are very important and valued by us all and in this family, and we like to have special time with you.  I keep telling David my husband… time flies, his son will be too busy for us soon, off at college or get a girlfriend and forget we exist, so we have to do this while we can, and he is ALL in.  He is the best dad I have ever met, he is always up when he comes home even after 14 hour work days sometimes, and he is the one they all go to when they are down and need a hug.  I am more of the daily get it done parent, driving, organizing, making sure homework is done, bills are paid, house is maintained, food we love is in the house, sandwich bags are available, wisdom is dished out, lessons are taught and making sure #1 – love is huge for them.  Every kid in our family knows how much we both love them and that we think they are the greatest.    I know for 100% they were the only reason I got out of bed when I was divorcing, they are my world and now I have one more son to make my world better and David gets three more kids.  Its not perfect and super sunshiny here everyday, but I can weather these teenagers – especially on Mom/Kids only day.  So I’m off to Applebees, HomeDepot for paint supplies for my daughter room (painting this weekend), and some Pokémon Go gaming to wrap it up.

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