Off to Disney

Were off to Disney World for a 7 day vacation.  We are staying at Regal Palms Resort & Spa a time share condo my husband bought years before we met.  It is a four bedroom, four bathroom condo.  We can rent this for my husbands time share annual fee, plus cleaning fee when used, where a Disney resort would take three rooms and cost so much more even for a lower end resort.  Now I am not a time share owner, and have never really seriously considered a time share, but this was part of the marriage package, and well…. I think I might like it.  I mean having separate bedrooms for our kids, has saved ALOT of trouble for us.  So after the trip is over and maybe even after the next trip, I will give you my final recommendation if this is a smart move, or something we should sell.  We have an October 2017 trip booked to his base condo at Summers Bay to discuss if we sell at their proposed price offer they emailed us, or consider keeping what we have- but I don’t see an upgrade in our future – we are downsizing on family as they move up and out, graduate and go off to college.  I am looking forward to this family trip.

I can see our family time slipping away, with the kids growing up, which makes me sad of course.  We also have three teens and a 21 year old, which is four separate opinions of what they want, and they do not always blend.  A blended family is hard – there is a lot previous hurt, learning new ways, difference of opinion – But Dave and I really love and are strongly committed to each other and we strongly believe they see us in Love and want that for us, and we see them trying hard to make this work.  I see the results. I see the twins holding his hand, I see my oldest son respecting his words, I see Davids son learning new ways here in our home.  When I see this, I melt.  I love how our family is working so hard to make our family work.    While this might (I hope not) be our last big family trip together I am going to enjoy every second of it.


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