I have been trying to read as much as possible on how to write, promote, build readers and perfect a blog site.  One website had the suggestion to start with on Why you write a blog:

What is our purpose, our cause, our belief about this web blog?   Answer:  We want to attempt to retire in .. at the time of this post three years and live our lives together.  David once said to me, we are better than no one, but no one is better than we are. So do we deserve to retire early? Everyone does as far as I am concerned, we are just going to try it, see if we can, if we fail, you will learn along with us. We have a plan and we figured we could share it, maybe to inspire, mostly to inspire us to keep to task. Last I post because Facebook only holds so much and our phones are hard to navigate all the photos I want to share. So I am going to try it, see what happens.

Ok, this was helpful, because as I wrote why, I realized simultaneously,  I don’t believe we are clear in our intent on this site.  So I have a lot to work on – I still have an unclear vision of content and path, but I know I can figure it out as I go along.

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