Why write a blog?

I have been trying to read as much as possible on how to write, promote, build readers and perfect a blog site.  One website had the suggestion to start with on Why you write a blog:


What is our purpose, our cause, our belief about this web blog?   Answer:  We want to attempt to retire in .. now three years and live our lives together having an equal amount of fun to the hard work we have done in our ~25-30 year careers and 17-23 years of love in raising our children.  We want to share this experience, so others can be inspired, do the same or make their lives their dreams.  Follow our Lead, Learn or Enjoy our site is what I hope for readers.

Ok, this was helpful, because as I wrote why, I realized simultaneously,  I don’t believe we are clear in our intent on this site.  So hopefully this exercise will streamline our intent, with our first goal to explain finances better, explain the plan, how we got her and what we want to accomplish in the next three years.    Next post, on these subjects.

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