In Japan, my husbands beard is a show stopper, I love how he grows it out, shaves it, changes it up. I feel like I have a different man at every change, lol! In Japan, his beard is a show stopper, we were stopped about eight times for a photo of locals wanting his picture with him. I think I saw 24 separate people secretly taking pictures of him with their cell phones, especially on the subway.

In this photo he was stopped again, and he said a entire family photo and we want one too! This photo is also our welcome to our website photo right now.

Upon request, two more pictures of Davids beard up close. This is him in Iceland in March 2019
Davids big beard when we were in Kalamazoo, MI this past April 2019.
They are equally furry!

45 Replies to “The Beard of Japan”

    1. Our men cannot grow beard. Haha. A moustache is not an easy one either. My stepfather used to add in to his negligible moustache with an eyebrow pencil, for fun. Lol! Then, again, my one cousin, who converted to Islam managed to grow a long-ish chin beard, but it was narrow (little) so like really just below the mouth.

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      1. I was guessing that was true but it was just a guess with my husband has beard can go just as long sideways as it does down words he tends to shave it off in the summer time because it gets so hot but it grows back so rapidly that within very little time maybe two months it’s just as long as it was in that picture

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    1. I know so funny, he was feeling kind of like a superstar. My favorite part was watching people try and sneak a picture of him on the subway. We would be separated by the crowds and he would be off standing about 12feet away and people would covertly snap a picture of him right in front of me, so funny

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  1. I before now, hadn’t realized that I’ve not seen an Asian gentleman with a beard! Isn’t that strange and neat, how we’re all human, yet there are such differences pertaining to factors such as hair within the genetic make-up of our beings?! What a fun and unexpected experience there, huh?!

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    1. I know it is really funny we were completely not expecting that. When we would be separated on the subway I could see people seeing pictures for Mom from across the subway train they would act so calm as if they weren’t doing it it would crack me up and I would tell him when you get off he would say “why didn’t you tell me I would have posed for a picture with them”, but talking on the subway is really a no no in Japan.


      1. 100%, it is quiet like a library. It is really tight and I guess they figure – be silent to be respectful? We pre-read that was a rule – and we came up with eye and hand signals on what stop to get off at, since we were often separated by about 12 people lengths.

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