Date night back on the Ruby Princess

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David and I like to date, slip away from the kids and just go out to dinner, a movie, have a drink out, walk around just by ourselves. Even though we are on this cruise all by ourselves, we still had a date night. We upgraded on the dinner plan with Curtis Stones restaurant – Share. The upcharge is $29 extra dollars per person, BUT we had a buy one get one free coupon and a credit on the ship. So we ate like we were fancy royalty…. like a princess.

TIP: Wait until the second day for a Princess Cruise coupon book, get the specialty dinner buy-one-get-one-free coupon.

Website for the Curtis stone restaurant:

Its a six course meal, and we try and order different things, so we get to try more. I was going to list every meal, but you can check out the menu from our meal if you like – just trust me is was delicious.

I was so full from the previous courses and the bread I could barely eat this, so David finished up mine and I only had two bites of the dessert – felt so guilty.


14 Replies to “Date night back on the Ruby Princess”

      1. At least four of our main line trains are referred to as #goodfoodtrains and I’m sure they’ll carry you out on a stretcher after six of their generous courses. The one actually has six, if I remember correctly, counting the cheese board at the end.

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      2. We’re not scared “Africa is a tough country” or that’s what folks say. I will write about the rail travel opportunities I offer some time or the other. I am always ready to board… is really nice, if travel is your thing.

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  1. Aww David and Laura ….. so moved with your LOVE and your sweet journey together …. loved the fact that you continue to literally “wine and dine” and enjoy each other …. so precious …. so sweet! 💕💕💕💕💕

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