Totem Pole Carving in Ketchikan, Alaska

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After our delicious crab early lunch, we headed over to check out some totem pole carving at the Alaskan Rainforest Sanctuary.

We walk over to the totem carving shed to see this beauty in progress.

The Totem artist explaining what step he is on now.

He says the whole process will take him about 4 months and he is 3 months into it right now, and this is his first independent project, but has been an apprentice for many years now.

What his final project will be. Notice the hidden Mickey in the corner of this picture!

David and I are both amazed and while we have no real artistic capabilities, we feel inspired. This totem is planned for the raptor center, which is next door and where we are headed next, the bird sanctuary.

29 Replies to “Totem Pole Carving in Ketchikan, Alaska”

  1. Such amazing things to experience. Before I was six years old, I wished to see narrow gorges flanked by high, snow-capped mountains and filled with the deepest, bluest water. With steep green trees. In later years, I recognised this in pictures and even more later wondered if I reincarnated. Where did this fixation come from? We had no similar pictures or even television.

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    1. Maybe? Alaska is these things for sure. It is a frontier like no other. I grew up on a working farm with plenty of forest and wildlife, spent many hours just hanging out in the wild, but I never felt this peace like there is in this untouched feeling location. Once your healed up, maybe see if you can get a Virtual reality glasses and check out some videos of the Alaskan rainforests and Glacier Bay. We think that would be the closest you could go instead of being there.

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      1. Yes, but you live where opportunities are. I am where men of my race have been excluded from careers since 1994, disability claimed what wealth was accumulated and hospital seemingly tries to kill. It is a miracle that I’m still around. Few will be able to comprehend.

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      2. I wish I could say come to America, but as I’m sure that would be a huge trek for you. There is for sure opportunities here, and I’m ext6grateful for that. But I have also made my own way fighting all the time in the earlier days of my career. Women were not welcome in physics when I started and I was and still am sometimes berated. Now Dave, he says to tell you, hang in there, we might not understand, but we have hope and that’s valuable and you should too

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      3. Yes, agreed. I lost your ebay questions, so answering it here…. check out what others are selling, look around the house. There are a ton of videos on how to sell on ebay, when I was divorced I sold all kinds of things on ebay to make ends meet – some people sell full time, buying stuff at garage sales or thrift stores and reselling.


  2. Wow, this looks absolutely amazing – your trip is just getting better and better! We had a chance to see totem poles for the very first time in Vancouver and while travelling to Calgary and every single one of them were incredibly beautiful!

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    1. They are beautiful and we are thinking about giving it a try at making one, it wont look like one of those, but figured lets try it and see. Going to work on it until the winter. If it is good, we will post it, if it is not, then —- I will never mention it again, ha!

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