About Dave and Laura

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We are David and Laura Speer.   We were 45 year old single parents who were raising our kids on our own, dreaming of more.  We met on Match.com (yes it does work) and 2 years later started our own story together as a married couple with five teenagers.


David is a Robot Programer for 25 years with Comau in Metro Detroit, MI.  He typically works a 10-14hr day and comes home with enough energy to give a ton of attention to our kids & me.  He is a powerhouse of energy and love of family.   He also does beekeeping with four hives in our backyard, photography and he loves technology and video games.  He added two teenagers to our family – a 15 year old boy who is harrier & bigger than David and teenage girl, who we still wish was closer to us and we work on that blending process everyday.

Laura is a Nuclear Physicist (yep no joke- I am a physics geek for sure – perfect match for a robot programmer) working for 29 years now.  I currently work for Ascension Health & Bronson Hospitals, I have an online web physics training site – MedicalPhysicsTraining.com, and had bought 4 rental properties that I managed myself for years (I am a type A++++).  I have a 21 year old, who moved out in late 2016, but still often comes over to visit, and twin 19 year old who are attending the local community college to both study graphic arts for animation and video game design.

This website is a joint project between us, I am doing most of the writing, and David is the photographer.  We are sharing our pictures & story with family, and anyone interest on the web, maybe because that makes the dream closer to reality, but also to show that divorce and what we at first saw as family destruction is the not end – it can be the beginning.  We believe and have faith we can… continue our incredible love affair, get our kids to graduation, off to college or to a point of independent working, continue to work & travel now, while living frugal to save every penny we can so we can 3 years from now retire early, and travel the world together.

We know this will be difficult, but everything worth doing is difficult.  We are not afraid to work hard to get to our goal.  We we are already living our dream right now raising these kids, but we they are already doing their own thing & we see soon we will be on our own.  Don’t you just hate how you give everything to your children for them to just leave one day (I keep telling myself it is supposed to be this way, but I find it a struggle).   We both think it is our job to raise them to be fine members of the world, and that is what we have done.  We know your never done raising your kids, but it does get to a point where you have to let them soar on their own.

So while we get ready for our next chapter of our lives… join us, cheer us on,  learn from our mistakes, ask us travel advise, travel along and plan your own adventures.